What CPS Can Do For You

Never replace another Irrigation Engine again. Enjoy the convenience of  electricity and the energy savings of Natural Gas. Be compliant with Current and  Future EPA Rules. Make your power requirements a Predictable Fixed Cost. Have the convenience of 24 Hour service and repair. You will receive a complete,  installed, turnkey and EPA-Compliant Pump Station without the usually expected  Capital Expense.
• Time Spent On Permitting
• Time Spent On Oil Spills
• Time Spent On Waste Oil and Fluid Disposal
• Unexpected Capital Costs During Season
• Down Time While Attaining Guaranteed Run Time
• Labor Costs for Maintenance
• Repair Costs
• Replacement Costs
• Drip Oil Maintenance
• The Expense of Personnel Problems
• EPA Restrictions & Fines
• EPA Testing
• EPA Service Reporting