Concrete filled steel pad and containment area

First the direction of the unit is established and the pad is aligned with a laser and leveled. Next the steel skid is put in place and leveled with corner bolts with a slight tilt towards the skid drain. Dirt is then compacted around the frame for a good base seal. Finally cement is poured and finished level to the engine mounting rails and the drain leaving a two inch lip to contain any spilled fluids.

Once the foundation is hard the engine located with a laser and the field stand height is adjusted for an optimal angle of deflection. Then the prefabricated building goes up in short order and the process of final assembly begins. Water and fuel lines are run in two inch galvanized pipe which is bent and threaded for a perfect installation.

Engine oil day tank, driveshaft and cover are installed and the engine is filled with fluids. Critical silencer and exhaust system are completed, and then the unit is run tested. Another complete turn-key, efficient, cost effective, and EPA Compliant Water pumping station is completed in less than eight hours!!

Only by: Compliant Power Systems