• MADE IN TEXAS. CPS pre-designs and manufactures all Generators in Clarksville, Texas.
• NATURAL GAS GENSETS. CPS offers 40kW – 75kW – 115kW – 150kW for your power needs.
• CONTINUOUS. NOT A STANDBY UNIT. Generators are designed for continuous oilfield operation.
• ASSURANCE. Compliant PS will design, manufacture, deliver, unload and install your Genset on-site.
• POWER SOLUTIONS. Power custom engines. (5.7L GM – 9.8 L GM – G-855 – GTA-855)
• FUEL EFFICIENCY. Save up to 40% savings with propane vs diesel and up to 90% using wellhead gas.
• RELIABILITY. Marelli industrial/marine series alternators for quality, efficiency and best power results.
• FEATURES. CPS offers oversized generators, 100% copper windings and 208/240/480 3 ph. connect.
• ENCLOSURE. CPS Powder Coated panel enclosure insures theft protection and spill containment.
• TELEMETRY. Dedicated, intelligent monitoring around-the-clock 24/7/365 service and repair protection.
• EPA COMPLIANT. Compliant Power Systems offers on site JJJJ testing for permitting.
• SERVICE AND REPAIR. Around-the-clock, 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days year round of reliability.
• RENTALS. Our rental agreements are available in Daily, Weekly and Monthly rental options.

Please contact us at (888) 262-7536 or call our Sales Representative, Dean Graham,
at (806) 535-6674 or
email him at ccroker@compliantpower.com